Advising Students on Academic Warning/Probation/Reinstatement

For students who are not meeting satisfactory academic progress standards (SAPS), there is a college-specific advising process, including:

  1. Meeting with SRC, College Advisor or Nursing Advisor (NA) to initiate an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP). This first meeting clarifies the student's academic status and challenges, outlines what needs to occur for him/her to regain satisfactory status, and provides initial referrals and options.
  2. Meet with the faculty advisor to outline a specific course plan for the following semester (for students not assigned to the SRC, College Advisor or NA as advisor on record). This meeting is to provide an opportunity for the student to talk specifically with his/her faculty advisor about academic progress issues, steps taken to improve, and plans for moving forward.
  3. Turn in completed, signed AIP to SRC/NA office for override of the hold so the student can register for next term. This occurs after mid-terms have been issued and allows another chance for adjustments and evaluation before moving on the next semester.

If a student has been suspended and is appealing for early reinstatement, the SRC/NA will meet with the individual to determine if extenuating circumstances exist and also to discuss a plan for improvement upon reinstatement. Students may request that the SRC/NA submit a letter outlining their plan for the appeal committee to consider.

For any reinstatement student, the SRC/NA is available to assist with a plan of student to support academic success. This plan is done prior to overriding the probation hold that is established at the point of reinstatement.