Graduate Curriculum

To meet the growing demand of graduate students, MSU's Sport Management MA program will be transitioning online.  For the 2019-2020 school year, part of the classes will be online. In fall of 2020, the graduate program will be fully online. This provides students tremendous flexibility to seek internships as well as full or part time employment in the Sport Management industry.

It also allows students from across the nation access to a very affordable graduate education, as all students are permitted in-state tuition rates!

Our students typically complete their degree in 1.5-2 years. About half have a GA position on campus and complete their degree in 2 years. The other half typically complete their degree in 1.5 years including summer session.

Common Core

HP 625 Sport Ethics and Professional Development (3)

HP 638 Managing Sporting Events (3)

HP 650 Principles of Sport Management (3)

HP 660 Financial Aspects of Sport (3)

HP 665 Sport Law (3)

HP 667 Advanced Sport Marketing (3)

Research/Methods Courses

HP 610 Statistical Methods (3) *

HP 630 Techniques of Research (3)

Restricted Electives

Choose 3 credits. Note: Consult with your advisor to determine course availability and fit. Not all of these are offered online.

HP 535 Planning Sport Facilities (3) **

HP 537 Sport Media, Sponsorship and Sales (3)

HP 575 International Sport Management (3)

HP 597 Sport Tourism (3)

HP 641 Psychology of Sport and Exercise (3)

HP 649 Sport in American Culture (3)

HP 651 Sport Management Seminar (3)

HP 661 Administration and Management of Intramural Sport (3)

Capstone Courses

Choose 9 credits. HP 688 may be repeated. Consult with your advisor.

HP 688 Applied Sport Business (3-6)   

HP 698 Internship (1-10)

Important Notes

* An undergraduate statistics course is recommended prior to completing HP 610.

** If you were enrolled at MSU in our undergraduate Sport Management program, students who took HP 435 may not take HP 535 as a graduate student.