Costs, Financial Aid, Assistantships, and Other Sources

Tuition and fees are determined annually by the Minnesota State system and the University. Typically, these are finalized during the summer after the annual State Legislative Session. The following estimates are based upon the 2020-21 costs for Graduate Tuition and Fees which are subject to change annually. There is NO in-state resident versus non-resident distinction for graduate programs.

The MSW program bases tuition on standard graduate rates plus a differential tuition model that adds approximately $50.00 per credit for required MSW courses. This is done to help maintain smaller size classes, support field education, and provide additional opportunities for graduate students.

Tuition and fees for MSW Courses is $545.98/credit (2020-21).

The Traditional MSW Program requires 59 credits over 6 semesters (Fall, Spring, & Summer for 2 years) - the total cost for tuition and fees for this program is $32,212.82.

The Advanced Standing Program requires 34 credits over 4 semesters (Summer, Fall, Spring, & Summer) - the total cost for tuition and fees for this program is $18,563.32.

These costs do not include the cost of books or materials, computer, liability insurance, background check fee, transportation during field practicum, and other incidental costs such as conference registration.  It does not include any campus housing or parking.

Graduate students may be eligible for Financial Aid, usually in the form of low interest loans. The Financial Aid process begins with completing the Federal Student Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) which is usually due in the spring of the year student's wish to gain access to this aid. Financial Aid packages are largely dependent upon student's past borrowoing and several individual factors. Since each person's situation is so unique, it is advised that you contact Student Financial Services for more information about what may be available for you. You can go online to the Campus Hub-Student Financial Services website. 

Graduate Assistantships (GA) are temporary - semester or year - academic positions for graduate students who would like to work on campus while attending graduate school. GA positions are available each year all over campus and include opportunities to assist with teaching, research, program administration, and student development. You must be admitted to a Minnesota State Mankato graduate program to qualify for GA positions.

GA positions require either 10 or 20 hours of work per week and carry with them stipends and tuition benefits. A full GA position (20 hrs/week) pays a stipend of $10,000 for the academic year and provides a tuition waiver of up to 9 credits per semester (10 hours/week position pay half of that stipdend and tuition benefit). Most GA positions don't require that you qualify for financial aid. Hours are often flexible to fit with your class schedule. More information about Graduate Assistantships can be found at the College of Graduate Studies and Research Website

The Department of Social Work hires some graduate students in GA positions each academic year. Usually, we do not have details on the exact numbers or position duties until April or May each spring. We will alert applicants to the MSW program of GA opportunities when we are able to post these positions. You can also check for postings via the URL listed above. Please contact the MSW Program Director if you wish to be considered for a GA position and complete an application either at the time of application to the program or as soon as position announcements are posted for hire.

Through state and federal training grants and contracts, the MSW Program is able to offer stipends of about $5,000 (pre-tax) each semester for up to 10 students for the MSW Title-IV-E Child Welfare Program. Please contact the MSW Program Director, who can direct you to the appropriate administrator of the program, if you have interest in this program and wish to learn more.

Southern MN Behavioral Health Initiative (MSW students)

  • Minnesota State University, Mankato partners was awarded a four-year grant in 2017 by the Health Resources and Services Administration(HRSA) to expand the behavioral health workforce in southern Minnesota.
  • This initiative is open to students that have been admitted to the MSW Program and are entering their specialization year of practice.
  • Each academic year (through 2020-21), six stipend recipients are selected to participate in this program.
  • Stipend recipients receive financial support and professional development opportunities, in addition to practicum placements at selected partner agencies.

See the attached brochure for more details:

Application for the 2019-2020 academic year (due June 7, 2019):

The following link takes you away from the Department's website and to the site for Applying to the College of Graduate Studies and Research where you will find up to date information about applying, tuition and fees, graduate assistantships, and financial aid options available to graduate students.