Definition of Advanced Generalist MSW Practice

Advanced generalist practice builds on mastery of the generalist foundation to increase the depth and breadth of practice. Advanced generalist practice integrates greater theoretical and methodological sophistication for differential application of advanced social work knowledge, theories, skills, values and ethics in the assessment of and intervention with individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations and communities. Advanced generalist practice emphasizes the unique characteristics of social work services in the small and rural community context. Advanced generalist practice enhances the profession through the application and integration of research and evaluation at all levels of practice.

The advanced generalist practitioner:

  • Integrates culturally responsive social work practice throughout all intervention levels.
  • Effectively addresses the complex environment of service provision through sophisticated application of an advanced skill set across varied social work roles with emphasis on the context of small and rural communities.
  • Engages in ethical, independent direct practice with individuals, families and groups and indirect practice in organizational administration and change, policy development, and community practice.
  • Demonstrates leadership in both direct and indirect practice at all system levels.
  • Encourages and engages in interdisciplinary collaboration and public-private partnerships.
  • Engages in advocacy, policy practice, and social change to advance social and economic justice.

Adopted: June 9, 2006; Revised and Adopted: January 7, 2008; Revised and Adopted: October 13, 2008; Revised and Adopted: March 21, 2012; Revised and Adopted: April 26, 2017