What Grads Say

Sarah Hagar"MSU's RPLS Department has guided students to fulfill their passions while further advancing their professional skills. Each student is supported by their values in not only their coursework, but also their career goals by the RPLS professors and faculty. Finally, the collaboration students engage in with their peers allows each individual to practice applying their big ideas by real world thinking."
Sarah Hagar - RM - Class of 2020

KaitlynSturdy-sm.jpg"The RPLS department is filled with knowledgeable and caring faculty members that assist you in planning for your future during and after college! The department provides engaging coursework, networking opportunities, and employment readiness focused on preparing you for your dream career!"
Kaitlyn Sturdy

"Time and time again, we look back at our education at MSU and are able to connect what we learned to what we see and handle each day in our jobs. Being able to have that direct application of what we have learned to what we actively do every day is truly amazing!"
Bethany Gassman, Law Enforcement Support Assistant and Gabe Gassman, Law Enforcement U.S. Park Ranger, Yellowstone National Park

Briana Spicer"The Recreation Parks & Leisure Services faculty set you up for nothing but success. The curriculum is built with the student in mind and challenges you to go beyond your work in the classroom. The opportunity to direct Camp Maverick; Rec N' Read was paramount in my development as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. They go above and beyond by engaging their students in real-life experiences."
Briana Spicer, Inclusion & Adaptive Director at the La Crosse Area Family YMCA