Pre-Licensure Students

Student Documentation Required for Experiential Learning

Students are required to submit personal documentation, required by clinical agencies, prior to attending experiential learning activities. Similar to a licensed professional, students are expected to monitor their documentation for expiration dates and must maintain current clinical documentation requirements in order to participate in experiential learning experiences. Students with incomplete documentation at the School of Nursing office will not be allowed to attend experiential learning activities. Student documentation is managed by Cindy Friesen, Administrative Assistant for the Undergraduate Nursing Program (360 Wissink Hall).

To comply with Minnesota State law and clinical agency requirements, the School of Nursing requires the following information (see the Pre-Licensure Program Nursing Student Handbook for details):

  • Background Check Verification (program will provide)
  • Professional Liability Insurance (program will provide annually)
  • Documentation of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Training
  • Professional Two-Rescuer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) of Adults and Children Certification (only American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers or American Red Cross CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers are accepted)
  • Documentation of Personal Health Insurance
  • Completion of Essential Functional Abilities Forms
  • Evidence of current immunizations and Mantoux tests is required and must meet the standards outlined below
    • Tuberculosis Screening
      • Completion of a 2-step Mantoux (with the two skin tests being done 1-2 weeks apart) will be done on admission. The student will then submit a 1-step Mantoux each following year they are in the program. If the Mantoux test is positive, a negative blood test (E.g., IGRAs: QuantiFERON-TB Gold or T-SPOT) documentation completed within the past year is required. Submitted document(s) must include the medical source name and dates.
    • MMR Immunity
      • 2 MMR vaccinations, or a positive titer results for all three diseases—measles (rubeola), mumps, and rubella. Submitted document(s) must include the medical source name and dates.
    • Tdap/Td Vaccination
      • Must have received one adult dose of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), or Tdap over 10 years ago with Td (tetanus) in the past 10 years. Submitted document(s) must include the medical source name and dates.
    • Influenza Vaccination
      • Vaccination for current flu season by October 1st annually, or a written medical exemption signed by a healthcare professional. Submitted document(s) must include the medical source name.
    • Hepatitis B Immunity
      • Three Hepatitis B doses, or positive titer blood test results, or submit a signed declination form (see Appendix P). Students who decline the vaccine may be denied clinical experiences if the clinical site requires Hepatitis B immunity; this may result in course failure.
    • Varicella Immunity
      • Two vaccinations or positive titer blood test results. Submitted document(s) must include the medical source name and dates. Self-reports of chickenpox immunity are not accepted. Should a titer not indicate immunity, the vaccine will need to be administered again. Submitted document(s) must include the medical source name and dates.

All of these forms are located on the School of Nursing website under the Pre-Licensure Nursing Student Forms section.

Obtaining Information from your Student File

If you are coming into the office to get information in your student file, you will need to have your ID (Mav Card or Drivers License) in order to obtain the information and also will need to go to the copy machine or copy shop to make a copy for yourself. We are unable to make copies for you in the School of Nursing office.


If you are picking up a Reference in the School of Nursing office you will need to provide your ID (Mav Car or Drivers License) and fill out a Release of Information form. By doing this you are giving us permission to release information on you to the third party that you indicate on the form. A release of Information form can be found under the Forms tab on the School of Nursing website.