Alumni in Experiential Education

Governor of Minnesota Tim Walz (as of Jan. 2019), Minnesota Teacher of the Year Barb Stoflet, and Minnesota Elementary Art Teacher of the Year Amy Muehlenhardt are among our amazing alum. Our graduates serve among the nation's leaders in experiential education as program owners or operators, public school and university faculty and staff, and leaders in various non-profit or privately-operated organizations. Read testimonials from some of our graduates below.

Alumni Testimonials

"My time at MSU-Mankato in the Experiential Education program taught me how to best serve my students and my community - and eventually, the people of Minnesota. This program fosters leading, teaching, and learning across difference, and meeting everyone - in and out of the classroom - where they're at. I'm grateful for my time at MSU-Mankato and how what I learned there has shaped my life."
Tim Walz, 2001, Governor of the State of Minnesota

Samrat Urval"The Experiential Education degree is the finest out there. It provides a holistic understanding of the deep sciences of Experiential Education. It has given me the foundations to start an Experiential Travel venture and fine-tunes the approach to make ideas into a reality."
Samrat Urval, 2019, CEO and Director of I-EXP (India)

Amy Muehlenhardt"I knew the Experiential Education program was the perfect fit for me as an Art Educator... I am proud to have earned my Master's in Experiential Education - the degree pushed my teaching to a new level which now includes fields trips to Rasmussen Woods [in Mankato], Genius Hour, and Art on the Go Innovation Bags. Thank you for the new view you've given me of education!"
Amy Muehlenhardt, 2018, 2018-2019 Minnesota Elementary Art Teacher of the Year

Taylor Huntley"My Experiential Education degree allows me to approach current issues in the field with critical and historical perspectives. In addition, the relationships and community I developed at MNSU have had positive, life-long impacts."
Taylor Huntley, 2015, NOLS Expeditions Instructor

Kenny H."The Experiential Education program gave me a great balance of practical and theoretical knowledge which informs decisions I make when developing and implementing programming."
Kenny H., 2015, Director of Education at Great Basin Institute

Logan F.I'm fortunate to have found the piece of education (Ex Ed) that speaks to me, and that I am passionate about.
Logan F., 2013, Program Manager at Rippleffect Inc.

Amanda Klein"The Experiential Education program at MNSU is life changing. I gained knowledge, skills and techniques to support greater relevancy and meaning in the learning experiences for my students. The diverse backgrounds of my cohort provided unique perspectives that continue to inform and help shape my practice to this day."
Amanda Klein, 2011, Wellness Teacher, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School

Jason Luthy"The Experiential Education program solidified my views of education and added depth to my understanding of how to use experience to improve student outcomes."
Jason Luthy, 2011, Owner of Longleaf Wilderness Medicine

John Lee"The education received at Mankato was the best of my life. I was able to craft the experience based upon relevancy to my own life and interest. The program changed my life and professional trajectory."
John Lee, 2011, Director of Programs for Outward Bound Peace Building

Daniel Cape"The Experiential Education program at MNSU provided me with the confidence and understanding to create my own experiential programs. It encouraged me to test out my ideas, fail in a safe environment, and learn how to apply these lessons to future endeavors."
Daniel Cape, 2008, Owner of Experience to Creativity

Jolee Jones"My Experiential Education degree allows me to fill positions in what can be a very niche market; it's allowed me to live in some great locations and do amazingly fun work over the last decade."
Jolee Jones, 2007, Director of Stone Canyon Outdoor EdVentures

Jamie Melchert"It was through the Experiential Education program where I learned about charter schools, other alternative classroom environments, and how the incorporation of progressive education models could benefit both students and teachers."
Jamie Melchert, 2005, Co-Owner of the Portland School of Experiential Education

Karen Warren"Experiential Education has been a vital foundation of my career. I've held one job since receiving my MS in Experiential Education and that job is totally founded on that degree."
Karen Warren, 1983, Outdoor Instructor at Hampshire College

What Did Other Alumni Have to Say?

Impact On Professional Development

"It has opened my eyes and mind to the infinite amount of adventures I can take in life."
Anne, 2015, Fire Fighter

"I feel that I am taken more seriously when applying for jobs and that my experience and views are regarded with respect."
Liz (Pierson) Wiener, 2012

"My degree from Mankato has been directly responsible for setting me on my current career path. Because of the degree, my mentorship, my experiences, and the pedagogy I learned at MNSU, I am a better educator and more marketable within my professional circles."
Matt Vosler, 2010, Assistant Professor at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY

"Expanded my financial salary, gave me an opportunity to be employed at the university level and continue to be a lifetime learner."
Karen Pederson, 1986

"My Experiential Education degree showed me the possibilities of looking and experiencing outside the 'box'. Therefore, encouraging me to push my students to do the same."
Catherine Peterson, 1984, Professor at St. Catherine University

What Was Most Appreciated About the Experiential Education Program?

"Connected me to like-minded people. Giving me the skills, confidence, knowledge and the credentials needed for my profession and passion."
Julie Walters, 2015, Experiential Education Teacher

"It has made me think more deeply about education and the world. I have a much clearer idea of what I think education should be after my program at MNSU."
Luke Hartzell, 2011, Middle School Math and Science Teacher

"Being able to plan my own Master's Program was wonderful for life-long learning!"
Kathy Gerdts-Senger, 1974, Art Education