Mankato Campus Face-2-Face Program


(with independent learning options)

The Master of Science in Experiential Education program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, was established in 1972 and is the oldest such program in the U.S.  It has gained an admirable national (+) reputation over the decades as a flexible, personalized, and learner-centered program that combines face-to-face core theory courses with independent experiential learning courses.

Who is it for?
The program is "adult-learner focused" for working professionals or fulltime graduate students who are interested in exploring their passions for leading, teaching, or facilitating experiential learning in formal or non-formal education-related settings. Our graduates are employed in the United States and around the globe as PK-12 school and university faculty and staff, program operators or owners, corporate trainers, and leaders in non-profit agencies and privately operated organizations. 

What is it?
Experiential Education is a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to learning that integrates direct experience with focused reflection for developing new knowledge, relevant life skills, and socially-conscious dispositions.  The mission of the MS in Experiential Education program is to prepare and renew professionals for effectively and ethically leading, teaching, and facilitating experiential learning for all learners - all ages, all abilities, all cultures, all identities. 

Where, When, and How is it Offered?
The face-2-face program is held on our beautiful main Mankato campus. Core theory classes meet on weeknights 5:00-8:00 pm, during Fall and Spring terms to accommodate those who have fulltime and/or daytime professions. In Summer terms, our students often complete independent learning credits or electives. While the majority of our new graduate students begin in Fall terms, it is possible to join in Spring terms. It is also possible to attend on campus in Mankato for one Fall and Spring term, and then complete the rest of the program from another location via independent learning options and online electives.

On-Campus Mostly In-Person Option Combo On-Campus w/ Distance Learning Option

Fall 1 - EXED 644, 651, elective
Spr 1 - EXED 650, 654, elective

Sum 1 - Ind. learning/electives (optional)

Fall 2 - EXED 646, 2 electives
Spr 2 - Capstone, Portfolio, elective

Fall 1 - EXED 644, 651, 646
Spr 1 - EXED 650, 654, elective

Distance Learning:
Sum 1 - Ind. learning/electives
Fall 2 - Ind. learning/electives
Spr 2 - Capstone, Portfolio

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