Career Paths in Experiential Education

People who join our MS in Experiential Education program sometimes have career plans that involve outdoor, environmental, or adventure education paths. Others are intent on working in public schools, some of whom are classroom teachers who want to teach more experientially. Our program has graduated many K-12 teachers over the years, and especially those who teach in areas that are conducive to experiential ways of learning such as art, music, ESL, PE, health & wellness and schools that specialize in project-based or expeditionary learning. Still others are planning on being involved in non-profit or higher education settings, or even starting up their own businesses.

Governor of Minnesota Tim Walz (as of Jan. 2019), Minnesota Teacher of the Year Barb Stoflet, and Minnesota Elementary Art Teacher of the Year Amy Muehlenhardt are among our amazing alum. Although becoming a state governor is a somewhat limited career path for our MS in Experiential Education (!), we can proudly proclaim that our graduates serve among the nation’s leaders and beyond in experiential education as program owners or operators, public school and university faculty and staff, and leaders in various non-profit or privately-operated organizations.

Come join our community of learners who come from around the nation and world to explore project-based, problem/inquiry-based, place-based, adventure-based, nature-based, and service-based expressions of learning. Whether your interests are in outdoor or adventure programming, PK-12 education, higher education, corporate training, or something else, this program can help you to fulfill your career goals.

Here are some videos made by our alum to provide insight into the various career pathways available in experiential education. 

Careers in ExEd - Ben

Careers in ExEd - Laura

Careers in ExEd - Richard

Careers in ExEd - Samrat