Course Sequence

FALL YEAR 1    (12 Credits total)

Fall Semester I (8 weeks)

Fall Semester II (8 weeks)

ADT 610

ADT 625

ADT 615 (2 cr)

ADT 610 ( 4 cr)

ADT 625 ( 5 cr)

ADT 620 ( 1 cr)

SPRING YEAR 1      (13 Credits total)

Spring Semester I (8 weeks)

Spring semester II (8 weeks)

ADT 630

ADT 635 (4 cr)

ADT 630 (5 cr)

ADT 640 (3 cr)

ADT 656 (1 cr)

SUMMER YEAR 1     (6 credits total)

FALL YEAR 2    (6 Credits total)

Summer Semester (10 weeks)

Fall Semester III (8 weeks)

ADT 645 (3 cr)

ADT 650 (3 cr)

ADT 655 (3 cr)

ADT 660 (2 cr)

ADT 661 (1 cf)

  • Course Sequence subject to change
  • Accelerated 8-week semesters
  • Some courses will run both sessions for all 16 weeks, and some will run 8 weeks
  • 37 total credits are required for the ADT MS program

Course Descriptions

610 Health Assessment and Treatment Planning in Advanced Dental Therapy Practice
This course prepares the student with the knowledge, skills, and judgments to collect and analyze patient health data relevant to advanced dental therapy practice. This course focuses on the development of critical thinking skills and sound clinical judgment in creating individualized treatment plans, along with working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals. Regulations and rules that guide judgments and actions of all dental team members are also emphasized.

615 Pharmacology in Advanced Dental Therapy Practice
This course prepares the student with the pharmacological knowledge and skills necessary to think critically and make sound judgments when providing patient-centered care within their scope of practice. Effective patient care begins with sorting through the patient’s medical/dental health status and pharmacological report. Based on a comprehensive initial analysis, the student will discern appropriate modifications and necessary drug prescriptions/interventions to ensure overall safe and optimal care. Drug classes, pharmacological effects, adverse reactions, drug contraindications and interactions will be addressed practically and reinforced through case-based learning.

620 Management of Medical and Dental Emergencies in Advanced Dental Therapy
This course reviews common medical and dental emergencies that may be encountered in Advanced Dental Therapy practice, as well as management protocols and prevention strategies for emergencies. This course illustrates the relationship between accurate data collection and achieving successful outcomes in the management of dental and medical emergencies. Emphasis is placed on gathering, analyzing, and processing information to develop appropriate action plans

625 Pharmacology in Advanced Dental Therapy Practice
This lecture and simulation laboratory-based course provides the student with initial operative dentistry learning opportunities for the permanent dentition. This course focuses on the principles of operative dentistry cavity preparation and restoration design, as well as the appropriate selection and application of direct restorative materials. Special topics include techniques which restore form, function, and esthetics to permanent teeth in the simulation lab setting in preparation for patient care. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and judgment, psychomotor skills, and self-evaluation.

630 Pediatric and Adolescent Oral Healthcare in Advanced Dental Therapy
This lecture and simulation-lab based course emphasizes restorative and preventive strategies specific to the primary and mixed dentitions in advanced dental therapy practice. Course focus includes child and adolescent behavior and trauma management; data gathering, analysis, and treatment planning; and management of the developing occlusion. Consultations and referrals are also emphasized.

635 Advanced Dental Therapy Clinic & Seminar I
This course consists of lecture, laboratory, and clinical components. The lecture and laboratory components address the basic principles of complex tooth preparations and restorations, interim restorations, uncomplicated permanent tooth exodontia, and suturing techniques. The clinical component of this course provides the student with initial clinical experiences in the delivery of advanced dental therapy services and patient management.

640 Advanced Dental Therapy Clinic II
This lecture and clinically-based course provides the Master of Science in Advanced Dental Therapy student with the opportunity to address their scope of practice dealing with prosthodontics. Students develop and refine their knowledge, skills, and judgments in providing advanced dental therapy scope of practice to underserved patients across the lifespan

645 Advanced Dental Therapy Clinic & Seminar III
This lecture and clinically based course provides the student with opportunities to deepen and refine their knowledge, skills, and judgments in providing advanced dental therapy scope of practice to underserved patients across the lifespan. In the clinical setting ethics, responsibility, self-assessment, and self-improvement continue to be emphasized as well as professional referrals and collaborations to provide comprehensive patient care.

650 Advanced Dental Therapy Clinic & Seminar IV
This course provides the student with practical experiences in delivering advanced dental therapy oral healthcare services to special needs patients in extended campus, nontraditional clinical settings as well as the university clinic. Patient groups encountered may include: pediatric, geriatric, and medically compromised patients; patients with genetic and/or acquired disabilities, and financially or motivation-impaired patients. Knowledge and skills to effectively promote healthcare policy are also a course focus.

655 Advanced Dental Therapy Clinic and Seminar V
This course advances the competency of Master of Science in Advanced Dental Therapy students. The oral healthcare of special needs and underserved patients are addressed in non-traditional and university dental settings. Critical thinking, clinical judgment, ethics, and professional responsibility are emphasized, in addition to health equity.

656 Research skills for the Advanced Dental Therapist
This course requires capstone topic identification in an area related to Advanced Dental Therapy. The student composes a scholarly reading list, an abstract for the capstone paper and an outline of paper contents.

660 Integrated Dental Therapy Practice
This course is the zenith of advanced dental therapy student educational experiences. Knowledge, skills, clinical judgments, and critical thinking appropriate for successful advanced dental therapy practice are demonstrated in clinical practice and assignments.

661 Capstone Project for Advanced Dental Therapist
Students complete their capstone project and present their conclusions to faculty and/or colleagues in the oral and allied health professions.