Admission Requirements

Master of Science Professional (Entry-Level) Degree in Athletic Training

PDF Version of Application Requirements - Click Here


Minimum Application Requirements:

  • “C” or better in all required prerequisite courses
  • 3.0 overall undergraduate GPA
  • Current certification in emergency cardiac care which is accepted by the Board of Certification (BOC) for the
    Athletic Trainer. Please refer here for a list of acceptable certifications from the BOC website
  • Personal statement to include how the student became interested in the profession of athletic training and the MSAT program, their career goals, and any previous experiences with athletic training.
  • Two letters of recommendation/evaluation: one must be from an academic advisor or faculty member indicating potential for graduate study, and the second should be from an individual who can assess the student’s qualities as a graduate student and/or healthcare professional.

The following courses will be required as prerequisite courses from the student's undergraduate career:

  • Human Anatomy with laboratory
  • Human Physiology with laboratory or Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II with labs
  • Kinesiology and Biomechanics (combined or separate courses at the 300+ level) OR 200 level (or higher)
    Physics may substitute for the biomechanics course
  • Exercise Physiology course
  • Statistics or Tests and Measurements course
  • General Nutrition course
  • General Psychology course
  • Chemistry course beyond introductory chemistry
  • Personal or public Health course
  • Current certification in emergency care which includes: Adult & Pediatric CPR, AED, 2nd Rescuer CPR, Airway Obstruction, and Barrier Devices (e.g., pocket mask, bag valve mask)

Preferred Courses:

These courses may assist the student following acceptance into the program.

  • Medical Terminology course
  • Physics course
  • Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries course

** Note: Application requirements/prerequisites should be completed or in-process at the time of application. On final acceptance, final official transcripts will be required by the College of Graduate Studies and Research in order to document completion. Please also note that the program will not pre-evaluate transcripts in order to determine which prerequisite courses a potential applicant needs.  If the potential candidate has specific questions about a course(s) please contact the program director Dr. Theresa Skrien at 

International applicants will also be required to meet the Department of Human Performance minimal internet TOEFL score of 80 or the equivalent academic IELTS overall of 6.5. 

International applicants should also visit the International Student & Scholar Services web site for additional services and requirements for international students such as university admission, immigration advising, forms, required health insurance, etc.

Retention Requirements following admission follow the College of Graduate Studies and Research and may be found here.