Further Education

Following successful completion of the AHS degree, students are positioned to go directly into the career field or further advance their education.

Advanced Education

Trying to figure out next steps after completing a master's degree can be overwhelming. Some students may choose to enter the workforce and others may want to continue their education. All students graduating from the Applied Health Science master's program are qualified to apply to additional graduate programs such as content specific Certificate programs, Master's of Public Health programs, or Doctoral programs. Graduate program eligibility will vary by graduate school and/or program.


Certifications are usually less time-consuming than full Master's or Doctoral degrees, with content specific only to the area. Some titles for these include: Public Health, Global Health, Gerontology, Healthcare Management, Biostatistics, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Addiction Intervention, Safety Management, and more.

Master's Degrees:

Some graduate degree titles that may be of interest to any and all students in Applied Health Science typically include Master's of Public Health (MPH), or Master's of Science in Public Health (MSPH). MPH and MSPH are focused on the broad field of Public Health, with the MSPH focused more on research. MEd degrees are typically only achieved when the program is housed within a College of Education, and MS or MA degrees are outside Colleges of Education (Cottrell et al., 2023).

Within each of the different degree types mentioned above, there are different emphases for students to focus their studies in the areas of most interest to them. Examples may include titles such as Community Health Promotion, Health Education, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Maternal & Child Health, School and College Health Education, Biostatistics, Health Administration, and many more. 

Doctoral Degrees:

In addition to Master's Degrees, students may be interested in doctoral programs including Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Health Science (DHSc), or Doctor of Public Health (DrPH). Specialties within these titles vary, and students are encouraged to discuss options with their academic advisors.

If considering further education, students are encouraged to not only seek out information from the Career Development Center but also consult with their academic advisor. Sources for identifying potential graduate programs in the field are below.


Because Applied Health Science is a growing and evolving field, students have flexibility in career options. Students completing this program are prepared for employment in educational settings, governmental agencies, private and voluntary health organizations, health care facilities, and business and industry. Potential titles per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics include: