General Internship Experience Information

The internship experience is designed to provide the student with a productive on–site clinical learning experience prior to entering the field. Success in achieving satisfactory personal and professional growth for the student can be realized by a cooperative effort among the student intern, university, and supervising agency.

The Alcohol and Drug Internship Experience has been designed to give each student practical experience in the alcohol and drug studies field. Students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of practical experiences such as facilitating counseling groups, developing treatment plans, presenting lectures or other offerings in the continuum of care.

The internship experience is a total of twelve semester credits or 880 hours. Student internships may be arranged at a variety of treatment settings including traditional treatment centers, hospitals, correctional facilities, and half–way houses. Not only are there many internship opportunities available in the state of Minnesota, students have interned as far away as Japan, Germany, and the Bahamas.

Students should meet with the ADS Internship Coordinator at least one semester in advance to arrange their Internship Experience. Students are required to apply for and secure internship sites before they will be given permission to register for the internship process.  Internships are offered each semester.