Advisory Boards for the College of Allied Health and Nursing

The Board works in partnership with the College of Allied Health and Nursing to enhance the College’s educational programs, University and community relationships, resources, and reputation, and to address the mission and vision of the College of Allied Health and Nursing as a whole.

The College of Allied Health and Nursing Advisory Board will provide guidance to the College Dean, Associate Dean, faculty, students and staff by identifying the following:

  • Potential, mutually beneficial external partnerships between the College and other entities outside the University

  • Potential service and applied research activities that would impact the general public and specific populations

  • Strategies to publicize the education, research, and service activities of the College

  • Public and private sources of funds and fundraising activities to supplement college-wide resources.

Kristine Retherford
Dean, College of Allied Health and Nursing

  • Dental Hygiene: Abbie Olson
  • Family Consumer Science: Shanell Fyle, Natasha Minar, Sarah Nielsen
  • Health Science: Kacee Kons, Leah Olson, Gabby Skibbe
  • Human Performance: Jessica Weideman, William Rohde, Briana Sieve
  • MSSA: Gretchen Bygd, Elijah Calderon-Pitchford
  • Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services: Noah Brown
  • School of Nursing: Isabelle Nocton, Shelby Hartmann
  • Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Services: Kira Haglin, Natalie Frier