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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Sport and Exercise Psychology Manuscript Topics


The Role of Coping Tendencies on the Relationship Between Perfectionism and Burnout

—  Christine Pacewicz

Effects of High and Low Tempo Music on State Anxiety Prior to Penalty Kicks

—  Brice Holiday

Athletes' Perceived Athletic Ability and Attitudes Toward Sports Medicine Professionals

—  Ken Ildefonso

An Athlete Perception of a Quality Coach Relationship in Collegiate Swimming

—  Jerod Simek

Perceived Social Support in Collegiate Female Hockey Players After Concussion

—  Brenna Weber

Emerging from Silence: Experiences of Gay Male Coaches in the NCAA

—  Jeff Thomae

The Critical Incidents That Lead to the Development of Mental Toughness in NCAA Athletes

—  Bethany Bachman

Taking it Personally: A Golf Specific Look at How Passion Impacts the Relationship Between Feelings of Golf Competence and Global Self-Esteem

—  Amy Harris

College Athlete Burnout: Differences in Class Level

—  Cat Hoenig

They Want More: Youth Hockey Athletes' Perceptions of Parental Involvement

—  Sarah Ede

Self-Talk: An Investigation into Injured Athletes' Self-Talk and its Effectiveness

—  Beth Antonie

“Fatness is Embarrassing”: Examining Body Image Pressures Experienced by High School Female Gymnasts

—  Chelsie Daniels

The Attributes and Development of Mental Toughness in Swimming

—  Andrew Driska

Utilizing the Integrated Model of Sport Injury to Explain the Psychological Experiences of Severely Injured Collegiate Athletes

—  Aaron Haddy

Perceptions of Ideal Team Captains and Satisfaction: A Study of Collegiate Swimming Athletes

—  Robert Hastings

Transitioning Out of Sport: The Psychosocial Effects of Career–Ending Injuries on Collegiate Athletes

—  Amber Stoltenburg

Sport Termination: Analysis of Identity and Career Development Across Class Levels and NCAA Divisions I, II and II

—  Charles Baldo

The Effects of Imagery and Self–Talk on the Self–Confidence of Collegiate Women Soccer Players

—  Josh Green