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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Internship Opportunities 

 Graduate students in the Sport and Exercise Psychology program have an opportunity to choose from three capstone projects including: manuscript, alternative plan paper, internship.

Below you will find the necessary paperwork for the Internship Option.

  • HP 698 Syllabus - This outlines the requirements for the internship as a capstone project. *Updated October 6, 2015



  • [DOC] HP 698 Internship Application Part 2 (30 KiB) - This part of the application should be completed by the Internship Site Supervisor after the graduate student's proposal meeting and approval to proceed with the internship.


  • [DOC] HP 698 Weekly Log (31 KiB) - During each week of the internship, completeing a weekly log is required.


  • HP 698 Internship Evaluation - The document should be completed by the internship site supervisor at the mid-term and final dates of the internship, and sent directly to the faculty supervisor.