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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Current Students

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At the 2016 Association for Applied Sport Psychology conference and the 2017-18 end of the year picnic.

Please view the tabs on the left to review the degree and capstone requirements.

Our 2017-2018 cohorts and their capstone projects, career interests, and hometowns are listed below.

First Year Students

  • Ashley Raulli, Manuscript: Coaching Style in Relation to Team Cohesion; Future coach and/or CMPC (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Austin Hanson, Manuscript: GRIT, performance coach for MLB (Fergus Falls, Minnesota)
  • Brianna Wilking, Internship: Youth sports, CMPC/ coach for youth (Conifer, Colorado)
  • Isaac Steffensmeier, Manuscript: Motivation and purpose, CMPC/coach/PhD in Counseling or Clinical (Fort Madison, Iowa)
  • Halle Gydesen, Manuscript: Post injury performance anxiety, CMPC, PsyD or PhD in clinical psychology, consultant in college athletic department (Lexington, Nebraska)
  • Jaxson Judkins, Manuscript: Grit, PhD university athletic dept or sport franchise (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • Jared Richardson, Internship: CMPC/Football Coach, Imagery (capstone interest) (Idaho Falls, Idaho)
  • Jessica Ream, Manuscript: Mindfulness and Injuries, CMPC for military and athletic teams (Columbia Falls, Montana)
  • Kiley Lavanger, APP: Mental toughness, physical therapy (Rockford, Minnesota)
  • Maggie Cochrane, Internship or manuscript: Mental health or mindfulness, CMPC/ possibly considering PhD in Counseling or Clinical (Edina, Minnesota)
  • Tabitha Kunst, APP: Coaching golf and psychological skills, Head golf coach at the Division I level (Duluth, Minnesota)

Second Year Students

  • Allison Brady, Manuscript: Mindfulness and Running, Job in a Business setting/Future I/O Psychology degree (Weymouth, Massachusetts)
  • Bryan Mejia, Internship: Elite Sports Psychology, CMPC & CEO of own business (Miami, Florida)
  • Cassie Weaver, Internship: IMG Academy, CMPC & Collegiate Coach/Applied Mental Coach/Future Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology (Lakeville, Minnesota)
  • Haley Larson, Manuscript: The Impact of Imagery on the Body’s Stress Response and Resilience in Musician’s, CMPC - PsyD or PhD in Counseling Psychology, Own and operate a holistic private practice (Sports Psychologist, Physical Therapist, Music Therapist, Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Psychiatrist), open to teaching full time at a University (Grand Forks, North Dakota)
  • Justin Lusk, Manuscript: Exercising for Life: Why Motivation is not Enough; Exercise Psychologist (Quincy, California)
  • Kate Johnson, Manuscript: The Invisible Injury: Does Personality Play a Role in Perceived Concussion Severity?, Aspiring Neuropsychologist (Sioux Falls, SD)
  • Kedryn Orrison, APP: Breathing interventions in hockey players, AT with NHL (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Kylie McKinney, Manuscript: The impact of the stereotypical portrayal of female athletes in the media, work in a university athletic setting as a well-being coordinator/sport psychology consultant, CMPC, considering PsyD or PhD in Counseling or Clinical (Peoria, Illinois)
  • Kyle Wiren, Manuscript: Critical Incidents that Develop Mental Toughness in Collegiate Athletes, PhD in Sport Psychology & University professor (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Mitch Elofson, Internship: Academia Sanchez-Casal, Collegiate tennis coach & owner of tennis club (St. Peter, Minnesota)
  • Ryan Olsen, Internship: Football and psychological skills, Collegiate football coach (Iowa)