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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

TR Practicum

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This [PDF] TR Practicum Checklist (113 KiB) supplements the RPLS Practicum Handbook ( and outlines the steps to locate, secure, register for and complete a practicum. The practicum is a 9-credit capstone course where you apply what you learned in the classroom to real life settings while supervised by a qualified professional. The practicum lasts a minimum of 14 consecutive weeks and 560 hours. During the practicum, you gain experience with each of the ten job task domains. The ten job task domains of TR are:

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  • Professional Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Assessment;
  • Planning Interventions and/or Programs;
  • Implementing Interventions and/or Programs;
  • Evaluating Outcomes of the Interventions and/or Programs;
  • Documenting Intervention Services;
  • Working with Treatment and/or Service Teams;
  • Organizing Programs;
  • Managing TR/RT Services;
  • and Public Awareness and Advocacy

Professional Experience Prior to the Practicum

[PDF] "Blue" Professional Experience Form (127 KiB)

It is important students gain professional experience with a variety of populations in a variety of settings before registering for the practicum. The goal is to work with at least four different populations in four different settings. Use the “blue” form to verify these experiences.  The "blue" form must be shown to the TR advisor prior to you registering for the practicum.