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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Mission, Vision, Values & Philosophy

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services at Minnesota State University, Mankato is to further the cause of leisure as a basic human right and as a prime factor in promoting the quality of life of individuals and communities by preparing effective leisure professionals who: a) are responsive to the ever-changing leisure needs of society; b) develop and utilize leisure-related resources and facilities for the welfare of those served; c) effectively utilize human talents, the legislative process and the dynamics of society for the leisure welfare of all concerned; and d) promote the basic values of leisure and recreative experiences for individuals and society as a whole.

Vision Statement

The Department of Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services will be recognized for developing competent leisure professionals and providing valuable service to the local area, region and state.



The Department of Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services values:
Commitment to promoting the importance of recreation, parks and leisure;
Responsibility to student growth;
Support of one another’s professional endeavors;
Enhancement of students’ understanding of Diversity;
Respect for humanity and the natural environment; and,
Pursuit of Excellence in our educational endeavors.


Leisure experience is a basic human right. People of all ages and abilities need and deserve equal opportunity to engage in recreative activities of their choice. In order to assure quality leisure and recreational opportunities for everyone, leisure professionals are needed in a wide variety of roles, agencies, and settings to assess, plan, implement and evaluate programs that meet society's leisure needs.

Because of society's ever-changing conditions, free time and human recreative experiences are extremely complex. Therefore, leisure professionals must be prepared to: a) Promote the importance of leisure in quality use of free time; b) communicate effectively with people to determine needs, interests and wants; c) assist in diminishing barriers to leisure satisfaction; d) manage facilities and resources to maximize benefit for all concerned; and, e) creatively lead people to enhance the quality of their lives through leisure for health, balance and life satisfaction.