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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Written Comprehensive Examination

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Each Master's degree student is required to complete a Written Comprehensive Examination covering required coursework and broad, comprehensive topics that have been included in the Rehabilitation Counseling Program curriculum. The examination consists of approximately 140-150 multiple-choice questions covering each of the following nine (9) topic areas: (a) Rehabilitation Foundations; (b) Counseling Theories and Techniques; (c) Medical and Psychosocial Factors of Disability; (d) Career Theory and Employment Services; (e) Case Management and Service Coordination; (f) Assessment Theory and Techniques; (g) Multicultural Factors; (h) Research in Rehabilitation; and (i) Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors. A seventy percent (70%) correct response rate is required in order to pass the Written Comprehensive Examination.

Content in the Examination will be very similar to content that has been included in examinations, papers, and other assignments from each of the courses in the curriculum. Students are encouraged to use textbooks, notes, hand-out materials, and any additional materials that have been used in courses as they prepare for the examination. The Examination intends to measure the student's learning and comprehension of the broad base of theoretical, empirical, historical, philosophical, and academic concepts that have been included in the program curriculum, and that form the basis of the profession of rehabilitation counseling.

The Examination is administered each semester and summer session, in the student's last term of study, typically four to six weeks prior to the end of the term. One faculty member is designated to coordinate scheduling, administering, scoring, and reporting the results of the examination. The student should contact their Advisor early (within 4 weeks of the exam) in the last term of program completion to begin planning for the examination. The Written Comprehensive Examination Request and Report form for scheduling to take the Examination is available from the College of Graduate Studies. Upon completion of the Examination, this form will be completed and forwarded to the College of Graduate Studies indicating whether the student has satisfactorily passed or not passed the examination. Recent history shows that approximately 90% of Rehabilitation Counseling students who take the Written Comprehensive Examination pass on the first attempt.

If the student does not pass the Written Comprehensive Examination on the first attempt, they will have the opportunity to meet with the faculty coordinator to review their results. They will have the opportunity to be rescheduled for a second attempt at passing the examination. All effort will be made to allow for the second attempt to be scheduled during the term in which the student intends to graduate. In rare instances, based on unique individual circumstances, students may request an alternative examination format in order to demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge of the academic content included in the Rehabilitation Counseling Program curriculum. Requests for an alternative format will be considered by Program Faculty who will have the authority to allow or disallow the student's request.

There are individual circumstances in which a student may choose to substitute a passing score on the CRC (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor) exam for the RCP Written Comprehensive Examination. This substitution is allowed on a case-by-case basis. In many instances, the timing and scheduling of the CRC examination, reporting of examination results, and academic deadlines for graduation will prove to be incompatible. If interested, students should discuss this option with their academic advisor.