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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

The Structure of Advising in the College of Allied Health and Nursing

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What advising services are provided centrally in the College?

The Student Relations Coordinator (SRC), College Advisor and Nursing Advisor (NA) in the College of Allied Health and Nursing are responsible for:

  • New student and transfer orientations and registration for students within the majors of our college.
  • Staffing of resource fairs, admitted student open house events, recruitment and retention events, and National College Fair.
  • Assisting students with career exploration in the health care field.
  • Collaboration with faculty on the pre-occupational and pre-physical therapy advising tracks, and advising students who are pursuing completion of these tracks (SRC).
  • Coordinating the declaration of major process with the departments (assignment of advisors is done within departments).
  • Meeting with prospective students, or coordinating those visits with department faculty.
  • Providing pre-major advising for students interested in majors within the college who are not yet ready to declare a major (SRC).
  • Providing initial advising to students ready to declare a major (reviewing their past coursework and pre-requisites and assisting with first semester course choices.)
  • Providing general education advising for students declared within the majors in CAHN.
  • Providing advising to all students on academic warning or probation within the college.
  • Coordinating reinstatement appeals and advising for reinstated students.
  • Coordinating student complaints that rise to the Dean's Office level, and providing information on appeals processes to all students (SRC).
  • Leadership in working with policy changes related to advising and student services as they impact students within our college.
  • Being a resource to faculty advisors on policies and procedures having to do with advising and student services.
  • Serving on various college and university committees as the college representative related to advising and student services.

What advising services are referred to department faculty?

  • Advising students who are declared as majors within the department who have earned 30 or more credits and are progressing successfully toward application to their major of choice. (The NA advises all Pre-Nursing students until they are accepted into the major, as well as advising students who are pursuing the RN Baccalaureate completion program.)
  • Coordination of internships, independent studies, and plans of study, along with review of graduation applications.
  • Determinations regarding course substitutions and waivers.
  • Specific career advisement related to the majors, and references.
  • Graduate school advising and references.
  • Advisement of graduate students.

The SRC College Advisor and Nursing Advisor are available to assist in researching completion plans for returning students, and will then refer them to the department faculty/chair for finalization of the completion plans and designation of substitutions and waivers based upon changes in bulletins.