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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Links to Frequently Used University Forms and Policies

Page address:

Important Forms:

Repeated Course form: [PDF] (411 KiB)
(for submission after completion of a repeated course so a grade replacement takes place)

Transfer Course Equivalency form: [PDF] (430 KiB)
(for submission of approved substitutions and waivers)

Course Repeat Appeal form: [PDF] (320 KiB)
(to support repeating a course more than the 2 times allowed by MSU policy)

Undergraduate Application for Graduation: [PDF] (91 KiB)

Undergraduate Credit Overload form: [PDF] (11 KiB)
These are all entered by the SRC for the College.

Authorization for Release of Information: [PDF] (53 KiB)  (This form is used by the Hub and Registrar's office. Be very careful in releasing student information even if the form has been signed; consult with Records and Registration.)

Important Policies regarding Academic Standing:

Satisfactory Academic Progress: (broken link)

Student Financial Aid Eligibility:

Last Date of Attendance Policy: [PDF] (58 KiB)

Frequently Asked Questions

The link below leads to a FAQ page for students. If you find students frequently asking you general advising questions that are not covered on this page, please contact Shirley Murray, the SRC, so content can be added.