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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Program Fee

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Basic Nursing Program Fee

In addition to the university tuition and fees, students who are admitted to the Basic Nursing Program will be assessed a program fee of $375 per semester. Nursing students currently incur many costs beyond tuition and books. The use of a formal program fee will help to evenly distribute the payment of the costs over four semesters and provide for more consistent budgeting for the student. In addition, a standard program fee will enhance the student’s ability to integrate the costs into their financial aid requests. With the redesigned curriculum, the use of technology and simulation will be essential. The use of technology and simulation will require that students purchase equipment and supplies that are currently not available to them. These initial skill development equipment and supply costs will be covered within the program fee. The fee will pay for the following personal property and services:

1. Official Uniforms (2 tops,2 pants and 1 lab coat)
2. Nursing practice tools
3. Stethoscope
4. Sphygmomanometer
5. Nursing skills supply pack
6. Flash drive
7. Name Badge
8. HESI Testing and Remediation Package
9. Kaplan NCLEX Review
10. Background checks
11. Malpractice insurance
12. Nursing pin
13. SNA Membership
14. Other curriculum related activities as needed