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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Admission Requirements

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Application for admission to the School of Nursing is a separate process in addition to being admitted to the University.  

Admission is based upon the applicant's prenursing GPA and the applicant's comoposite score on the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment (A2) Examination. The Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam incldues math, grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary, anatomy & physiology, and chemistry and must be completed at the time of application.

The applicant pool is ranked according to the applicant's prenursing GPA and also according to their composite score on the A2 exam and then the two ranks are averaged. The applicant pool is then finally ranked using the average ranking of the prenursing GPA and score on the A2 exam. The students with the highest rankings will be admitted.

In addition to the above criteria, an interview may be required in the application process.

In Fall 2012, the School of Nursing is admitting the last cohort into the current curriculum plan, and then the Basic Nurisng Program will be transitioning to a redesigned curriculum. Thus there will be different prerequisite courses required prior to application and admission to the nursing major depending upon the semester in which the student is admitted into the Basic Nursing Program. The links below provide information about the prerequisite courses required for application and admission and the schedule for completion of the nursing major courses.

[PDF] For Students applying for Fall 2013 admission and after to Basic Nursing Program (14 KiB)