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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Honors Commemoration

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Department Chair, Marcia StevensAnnual Honors Commemoration

For several years we have electronically celebrated student achievements and announced scholarship winners. We are grateful for our generous donors and the gifts they give so our students may receive scholarships and awards. Our graduates, in turn, reach out in their professional careers to widen the sphere of kindness demonstrated by our donors.

Every student admitted to our program is special. Each has achieved a high grade point average and met stringent requirements. The grants and awards committee reviewed qualifications of each recipient. These students selected for scholarships and awards are to be congratulated.

An update of this presentation will be available April, 2009. I hope you enjoy this mode of celebration. I welcome your comments. To share your comments with me, please send e-mails to


Marcia Stevens,

[PDF] 2008 Scholarship Presentation (6 MiB)

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