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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Mu Lambda Honor Society

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Please visit the Sigma Theta Tau website for more information.

Membership to the Organization

Mu Lambda Chapter is part of the Region 4 group of chapters. Membership to the organization is by invitation only. Please review the appropriate Guidelines for Membership Eligibility before downloading the membership and endorsement forms.

Membership Guidelines and Information

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Mu Lambda Chapter History

Mu Lambda Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Society of Nursing (SSTI) at Minnesota State University, Mankato, received its charter on May 4, 1990. It is one of 446 chapters in the United States and internationally. More than 390,000 nurses have been inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International of which 125,000 are active members making STTI the second largest nursing organization in the world. There are chapters in more than 90 countries and territories. Countries include: the United States, Australia, Botzwana, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, Pakistan, South Africa, Swailand, Taiwan, and Tanzania. Membership is an honor and conferred upon nursing students in baccalaureate or graduate programs who demonstrate excellence in nursing or upon community leaders who demonstrate exceptional achievement as leaders in nursing.

Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing (STTI) was founded by six nursing students at Indiana University in 1922. The founders chose the name from the initials of the Greek words "storge", "Tharsos" and "Time", meaning "love," "courage," and "honor." STTI is the second largest nursing organization in the United States and among the fifth largest and most prestigious in the world. STTI is committed to improving the health of people worldwide through increasing the scientific base of nursing practice.

The Society Exists To:

  • Recognize superior achievement
  • Encourage the development of leadership qualities
  • Foster high professional standards
  • Encourage creative work
  • Strengthen the commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession

STTI Serves Its Members Through:

  • Conferences focusing on professional growth and leadership
  • Computer access to a comprehensive collection of scholarly work
  • Publications such as Journal of Nursing Scholarship and Reflections on Nursing Leadership which feature information on nursing health care issues and research studies

For information on membership or committee involvement, please contact any of the officers of the Mu Lambda Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, International.

Sigma Theta Tau History

Sigma Theta Tau was founded in 1922 by six nursing students at the Indiana University Training School for Nurses, now the Indiana University School of Nursing in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founders chose the name from the initials of the Greek words, "Storga," "Tharos" and "Tima" which mean, "love," "courage" and "honor." Modern nursing was barely 20 years old when Mary Tolle, Edith Moore, Marie Hippensteel, Dorothy Garrigus, Elizabeth Russell and Elizabeth McWilliams met to found a Society to advance the status of nursing as a profession. They recognized the value of scholarship and the importance of excellence in practice, and wanted to build a framework to encourage future leaders to effectively improve health care. Sigma Theta Tau was the first organization in the U.S. to fund nursing research. In 1985 the Society became incorporated as Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc., to support a global community of nursing scholars.


picture of insignias

The Seal

The seal of this Society is a lamp surrounded by a circle containing the name and date of the founding.

The Coat–of–Arms

The coat–of–arms symbolizes the ideals of this Honor Society. The eye represents wisdom and discernment. The stars represent our six founders. The scroll is that of learning, and bears the Greek words, Storga (StorYEE), Tharos (THARos), Tima (TihMEE), which mean love, courage, and honor. The pillars of stone at the right and left denote service, professional endeavor, and strength of leadership. The lamp represents the lamp of knowledge. The words on the banner are "Sigma Theta Tau," the name of this International Honor Society.

The Key

The key is the symbol of scholarship. The cup denotes the satisfaction of professional life. The circle of gold with its six stars represents our six founders. The letters in black – Sigma Theta Tau – represent our charge: Storga (StorYEE), Tharos (THARos), Tima (TihMEE), which mean love, courage, and honor. The lamp is the lamp of learning.

Colors and Flowers

The colors are orchid and fuschia. The flower is the orchid.