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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Webquest to Teach Nursing

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Dr. Nancyruth Leibold and Dr. Laura Schwarz

Webquests to Teach NursingAs nurse educators, Dr. Nancyruth Leibold and Dr. Laura Schwarz recognize the worth of using WebQuests to teach Family Nursing. They also value the importance of providing evidence-based, state of the art technological learning experiences for nursing students. WebQuests are webpages that are a teaching/learning strategy with specific instructional design to prompt higher order thinking, including discovery and inquiry in learners. Born out of constructivist framework, WebQuests provide opportunities for learners to apply and analyze information, resulting in building knowledge.

Dr. Leibold and Dr. Schwarz wanted to study the use of WebQuests as a teaching/learning strategy. They conducted a mixed methods research study to discover the learner's perception of the use of this innovative and technological teaching strategy. A majority of study participants reported favorable use of the Family Nursing WebQuests. High scores were given to organization, ease of use, allowing one to learn at their own pace, encouraging reflective thinking and thinking about interacting with patients and families and family nursing interventions.

Valuable information was discovered for nurse educators regarding what is effective in the WebQuest design for family nursing learners. Areas for improvement were identified so that nurse educators can improve WebQuest use in Family Nursing Education. Further study and use of WebQuests in Family Nursing Education is recommended. More about WebQuests can be found at