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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Ruth Van Heukelom ('09-'10)

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2009 - 2010 Recipient

Capstone ProjectAmanda Winrow

Impact of Selected Patient and Family-Centered Interventions of Press Ganey Satisfaction Scores

Ruth Van Heukelom’s capstone project, Impact of Selected Patient and Family-Centered Interventions on Press Ganey Satisfaction, is being conducted on a Surgical Trauma Unit at a Midwestern hospital. The purpose is to determine if the implementation of a selected patient and family centered interventions impacts patient satisfaction. A nursing intervention with four components was planned with hospital staff. The intervention includes: (a) the addition of a message to the orientation binder welcoming family members as valued partners in the care of their loved one, (b) placement of a pad of paper inviting patients and families to record their questions at the bedside, (c) consistent introductions of nursing staff to patients and families, and (d) the Registered Nurse sits  at the bedside and spends at least two minutes of focused time with each patient, and the family as possible, during the first four hours of the nursing shift, asking specifically what they want to accomplish during that nursing shift. Data collected from patients prior to implementation of the intervention will be compared to data gathered after the intervention during the same time period.