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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Glen Taylor Institute
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Our Mission

A research and practice institute that is focused on developing, testing, and disseminating nursing practice models that will advance family and societal health and healing.

Meeting our mission by...

  • Guiding faculty in the education of students in Family Nursing Practice researching family and societal health concerns
  • Creating partnerships with organizations who care about families well being and healing
  • Visiting scholars intentionally focused on needs of families and community
  • Testing and disseminating curriculum and nursing education pedagogies

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"Thank you so much for inviting HCMC to participate in the Glen Taylor Institute Visiting Scholar program. Dr. Sharon Denham was exactly who the nursing leaders needed to hear from at this year’s retreat! I continue to hear of positive outcomes as a result of the retreat and a greater focus on Family Nursing."

Peggy Berg, Manager
Professional Practice,
Development & Research
Hennepin County Medical Center