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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many students apply to the program?

On average, between 70 and 80 applications are received for admittance into the program. Class sizes typically range from 12 to 18 students.

How often do you admit students into the program?

We accept applications up to 6 months prior to the information session in early January, for the following fall semester start date.

Do I have to have 1 year post BSN experience even if I have been an RN for a number of years?

Yes, we require 1 complete year of post BSN experience before your classes would begin in the fall. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. We feel this requirement is needed to prepare you for graduate school.

Do I have to attend the informational meeting?

Yes. This is a requirement. Failure to attend will result in your application being incomplete.

Will I know the essay topic in advance?

No. The topic of the essay will be given at the informational meeting. You will have 45 minutes to complete the essay.

Will acceptance into the Advanced Practice Nursing Program be based primarily on GPA?

No. There are many factors that are used in ranking the top students for an interview. Careful consideration is used while reviewing your submitted essay (written at the time of the informational meeting), your resume, reference, and undergraduate GPA.

Can I transfer in graduate level courses?

It depends. You MAY be able to transfer up to 10 credits. The course overview is required to verify the compatibility with the Mankato curriculum. Please check with the Graduate Programs Coordinator and the College of Graduate Studies and Research regarding your specific courses.

How long will it take to get the DNP - FNP Master's degree?

Starting in summer 2019 the curriculum progression will change and it will take 3.5 years to obtain the DNP with preparation as an FNP. We will no longer offer the masters degree option for FNP preparation.

Where are the classes held?

All classes (with a few exceptions) are held at our Edina location, 7700 France Avenue. Classes generally meet one day per month.

Are the classes completely online?

No. Most of our classes are web-enhanced, meaning approximately 90% of the class is online.

How often are we required to be at 7700 France Avenue?

Students are usually required to be at the Edina campus one day per month, or approximately four times per semester, for each class. Classes are arranged so that you can take two classes on one day.

Where are the clinical experiences held?

Every effort is made to obtain a clinical site in close proximity to where you live. If you know of a possible preceptor, please let the FNP clinical coordinator know at least a semester before you begin the clinical so that we can get a clinical contract set up.

Is it possible to work full-time while being in the advanced practice nursing program?

We would not recommend full-time employment. However, some students find part-time work schedules manageable. For each credit of graduate work taken, it is expected that students will complete at least three hours of independent study. Once the clinical courses begin, the number of hours increases.

 How long can I take to finish my Master's degree?

You have up to six years to finish the Master's degree. Most students complete the Master's degree in three years.

What is the tuition rate?

Please visit the Campus Hub website at: to view the tuition rates.