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Doctoral Course Progression Plan BSN to DNP Program with FNP Master's Step Out

 * Prerequisite: Graduate level statistics course with a minimum grade of B (HLTH 675 or equivalent) and undergraduate research course.

Doctoral Course Progression Plan BSN to DNP Program with FNP Master’s Step Out

*Prerequisite: Graduate Level Statistics (HLTH 675 or equivalent)

Fall Year I

Spring Year I

Summer Year I

N601 Nursing Science Theory (3 credits)


N602 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Dimensions of Advanced Practice Nursing

(3 credits)

6 semester credits

N554 Advanced Pathophysiology  (3 credits)


N640 Family Nursing Science (3 credits)



6 semester credits                      

N622 Advanced Nursing Actions (3 credits)


N663 Health Promotion for Individuals, Families, and  Communities (2 credits)


5 semester credits     (17 annual)

Fall Year II

Spring Year II

Summer Year II

N553 Advanced Pharmacology

(3 credits)


N604 Evidence-Based Practice for APNs*  (3 credits)





6 semester credits

N552 Advanced Health Assessment   (3 credits)


N643 Reproductive Health

(2 credits)


N556  Diagnostics and Procedures for APNs

(1 credit)

6 semester credits                   

N641 Adult and Older Adult Health I (3 credits)


N662 Women’s Health Clinical (100 clinical hours)

(2 credits)  




5 semester credits    (17 annual)

Fall Year III

Spring Year III

Summer Year III

N644 Adult and Older Adult Health II  (3 credits)


N652 Adult Health Clinical    (250 clinical hours)

(4 credits)   


N695 Alternate Plan Paper

(1 credit)

8 semester credits

N642  Child and Adolescent Health (3 credit)


N646  Pediatric Health Clinical (150 clinical hours) (3 credits)


N695 Alternate Plan Paper   (1 credit)


7 semester credits

N653  Family Health Clinical

(250 hours)  (4 credits)



STEP OUT MSN/FNP (53 credits)  (750 clinical hours)

(2 credits N695 not required if pursuing BSN to DNP option)


4 semester credits       (19 annual)

Fall Year IV

Spring Year IV

Summer Year IV

N711 Health Care Policy and Organizational/Systems Leadership (3 credits)

N708  Quality Improvement Safety, and Risk Management for APNs (3 credits)

N709  Health Care Informatics and Data Management

(3 credits)


Fall Year V

Spring Year V

Summer Year V

N710  Genetics/Genomics for Family Nursing (3 credits)           

N705 Family Nursing Practice (50 clinical hours)  (3 credits)


N707  Family Mental Health Nursing (3 credits)                    

Fall Year VI

Spring Year VI

Summer Year VI

N741 DNP Project I  (50 clinical hours)

(3 credits)

N742  DNP Project II   (50 clinical hours)

(3 credits)

N743 DNP Project III   (50 clinical hours)

(3 credits)

Fall Year VII



N712  DNP Clinical Internship (150 clinical  hours)

(3 credits)



Total 1100 clinical hours

    Total Credits = 81   (includes

30 doctoral level credits)

 Note: **Years IV and V may be collapsed into one year, taking N711 and N710 in fall, N708 and N705 in Spring, and N709 and N707 in summer over the first year. Starting in summer 2019, the curriculum progression plan will be revised to a 3.5 year plan. 

All course descriptions can be found in the Graduate Bulletin at: