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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Norma Krumwiede

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Norma Krumwiede

Norma Krumwiede

Professor of Nursing


Educational Background

  • BA, Augustana College
  • M.N., Montana State University
  • M.Ed., St. Scholastica College
  • Ed.D., University of South Dakota

Teaching Areas

  • Distance Education & Continuing Education Courses
    • Cancer Care
    • Rural Nursing
    • Families and Disability
    • Nursing Roles
    • Health Policy
  • First Year Seminar
  • Foundational Courses
  • Gerontologic Clinical
  • Nursing Learning Communities
    • Anatomy of Nursing
    • Elements of Nursing

Health Care Interests

  • Interdisciplinary Ethics & Teams
  • Oncology and Orthopedic Issues
  • Research Utilization
  • Rural
  • Grad Writing
  • Critical Access Hospital Board Member

Research Interests

  • Native Americans
  • Client Interventions for Low Back Pain
  • Rural Family Health Experience
  • Higher Education
  • Symptom Management
  • Cultural Issues
  • Masters Thesis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Studies

Current Projects

  • Parish and Rural Nursing
  • National Association of Orthopedic Nursing Research Committee
  • Serve as Ongoing Nursing Society Rural Health Focus Group Contact Person
  • Developer of Rural Nursing Curriculum
  • Health Policy Advocate
  • Faculty Mentor Genetics
  • Consultations


  • Eggenberger, S. K., Krumwiede, N.K., Meiers, S.J., Bliesmer, M., & Earle, P. (2004). Family Caring Strategies in Neutropenia. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 8(6), 617–620.
  • Eggenberger, S. K., Krumwiede, N. K., Meiers, S. J., Bliesmer, M., Earle, P., & Murray, S. (2004). Giving voice to family caring in cancer: Integrating visual art and research findings. International Journal for Human Caring, 8(3), 59–65.
  • Krumwiede, N., Meiers, S.J., Eggenberger, S., Murray, S., Bliesmer, M., Earle, P., Murray, S., Andros, D., Harmann, C., & Rydholon, K. (2004). Turbulent waiting: Rural families experiencing chemotherapy–induced neutropenia. Oncology Nursing Forum 31(6), 1145–52.
  • Krumwiede, N., & Meiers, S. J. (2004). Worth a thousand words. Reflections on Nursing Leadership, 30(2), 30–1, 38.

Nursing Faculty Awards

  • Bliesmer, M., Earle, P., Eggenberger, S., Krumwiede, N., & Meiers, S. (2005). Douglas R. Moore Research Lectureship. Challenges of chronic illness: Artistic interpretation of the family re–integration process. Family Nursing Research Team ($2000).