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**NEW**The Exercise Science major requires a secondary application process as of the 2014-2015 bulletin. It is a competitive application and not all students will be admitted to the major. Learn more here.


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Program Overview: our BS in exercise science is regarded as one of the top programs in the country. We cater to students with wide range of interests. Our program prepares students for certifications offered by the National Strength & Conditioning Association and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Exercise Science/Sports Medicine Faculty (2014-15)

Mr. Nate Dicks, MS, CSCS
Assistant Professor
Office: HC 2043; Phone: (507)-389-5590
Interest/Research: Law Enforcement/Military Physiological Training Applications, Endurance Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning, Leadership Development

Ms. Liz Drake, MS, ATC
Assistant Professor
Office: HC 1316; Phone: (507)-389-2768
Interests/Research: Leadership in Athletic Training, Pedagogical Methods in Higher Education, Student Recruitment and Retention in Athletic Training

Mr. Walt Groteluschen, MS
Adjunct Faculty
Interests/Research: statistics, racquetball, proofreading, editing

Mr. Nick Jamnick, MS
Assistant Professor
Office: HC 1314; Phone: (507)-389-2679
Interests/Research: Critical Power/Speed, Oxygen Uptake Kinetics, VO2max Testing

Dr. Theresa Mackey, EdD, ATC, ATR
Associate Professor and Clinical Education Coordinator for Athletic Training Education
Office: HC 1220; Phone: (507)-389-1355
Interest/Research: injury/illness prevention, immediate and emergency care, injury evaluation, strength & conditioning, didactic athletic training, clinical education

Dr. Cherie D. Pettitt, EdD, HFS, CSCS, PAPHS, CWC, EIM
Assistant Professor
Office: HCN 173; Phone: (507)-389-6715
Interest/Research: physical activity adherence and behavior change, wellness coaching, graduate student development, intercultural competence and health policy change

Dr. Robert W. Pettitt, PhD, FACSM, ATC, CSCS*D
Office: HC 1400; Phone: (507)-389-1811
Interest/Research: strength & conditioning, exercise physiology, athletic performance testing and assessment, overuse injuries

Dr. Patrick J. Sexton, EdD, ATC, ATR, CSCS
Professor and
Director of Athletic Training Education
Office: HC 1222; Phone: (507)-389-2029
Interest/Research: Therapeutic modalities, placebo, therapeutic exercise, strength and conditioning, dermatology, stretching, balance and proprioception, clinical instruction, accreditation, education and learning

Dr. Mary F. Visser, PhD
Professor and IFO President
Office: HCN 181; Phone: (507)-389-2672

Graduate Assistants/Graduate Adjuncts (2014-2015)
Ms. Lydia Bergeson (Biology)
Ms. Katrina Bertness (Athletic Training)
Mr. Jacob Bushey (Force Science Institute)
Mr. Kalvin Danzl (St. Clair Athletics/Strength and Conditioning)
Ms. Stephanie Gerlach (HP Adjunct)
Mr. Mark Hartman (Force Science Institute)
Mr. Brandon Rohrig (South Central College Wellness)
Mr. Zack Roloff (Viola Holbrook Laboratory)
Mr. Anssi Saari (Viola Holbrook Laboratory)
Mr. Cody Strom (Viola Holbrook Laboratory)
Mr. Aaron Solomonson (Loyola Athletics/ Strength and Conditioning)
Mr. James Wenkheimer (Viola Holbrook Laboratory)
Ms. Alyssa Werth (MSU Campus Recreation)
Ms. Maren Werth (MSU Athletics/Strength and Conditioning)
Ms. Nicole Wigern (Biology)

Contacting the HP Lab GA’s

GA Office is in Highland Center Rm 1300. The phone number is (507)-389-5988

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