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Exercise Science

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Exercise Science Events, Internships & News

 Keep up to date with the latest on internships, jobs, conferences, and events related to exercise science. 

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The Exercise Science Program

Exercise Science is a science-based and human focused degree path that focuses on practical application. The degree prepares students for graduate schools and careers in exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, sport psychology, physical/occupational therapy, athletic training, corporate wellness, health coaching, cardiac rehabilitation, and other health related areas.

General Track - Major Emphasis

The General Track curriculum focuses on working directly with clients and health behaviors. Courses like small group personal training, group fitness, and health behavior change give students evidence-based hands-on experience to help them transition into the current career fields.

Pre Physical Therapy Track - Major Emphasis

The Pre–Physical Therapy curriculum is primarily a science-oriented curriculum which meets the standard requirements for admission to most physical therapy programs. It is important that students check requirements for their professional school of choice as some require classes in addition to those contained in this concentration. Most programs also require that the student take the Graduate Record Examination and score at a certain level.

Pre Occupational Therapy & Athletic Training 

The Pre–Occupational Therapy curriculum is a natural and social science–oriented curriculum which meets the standard requirements for admission to most occupational therapy programs. It is important that students check requirements for their professional school of choice as some require classes in addition to those contained in this concentration.

The Pre-Athletic Training curriculum is primarily a science-based curriculum which meets the requirements for the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) accreditation standards for “prerequisite knowledge.” This coursework serves as the foundation for study in the professional program of athletic training. Pre-Athletic Training is not a major. You are required to select a major to complete for your degree.



Faculty Advisor Appointments 

You can find the name of your faculty advisor on the top of your Degree Audit Report (DARS) through E-Services. Make an appointment with your faculty advisor through MavConnect.


Current Advising - Drop In Advising Sessions

No individual faculty advising appointments can be made during the weeks of drop-in advising. Office hours are only for course-related questions. For advising, attend the drop-in sessions.

Drop-In Advising Dates and Times

Location: HC 2010 (computer lab above the coffee shop) (Pre-AT advising in HC 1702)

  • Monday March 25th 9:00-10:30am
  • Wednesday March 27th 1:00-2:00pm (1:00-2:00pm)
  • Thursday March 28th 11:00-noon (2:00-4:00pm)
  • Monday April 1st 9-11am & 4-5pm
  • Tuesday April 2nd noon- 2:00pm (1:00-3:00pm)
  • Friday April 5th 11:00-noon
  • Monday April 8th noon-1:00pm
  • Wednesday April 10th 1:00-3:00pm (1:00-3:00pm)
  • Thursday April 11th noon-1:00pm

Course Planning Materials

Always consult your Degree Audit Report (DARS) for information on what you need for your degree. Your DARS can be found in your E-Services.



Applying to the Major

Apply to be in the major and have permission to enroll in upper level 300 & 400 courses.

The Exercise Science major requires a separate application process. Acceptance into the major gives you permanent upper-level division permission to enroll in 300-400 level courses. Applications will only be reviewed twice a year with the deadlines of October 1st and March 1st. There are new minimum requirements for all students on the Spring 2018-current bulletins. These new requirements were put in place to have students apply to the major earlier, make the transition to upper-level classes more seamless, and move students through the progression of classes with 12+ credit semesters. You can apply to the major using either sets of requirements.

The Spring application cycle is closed. 

The Fall application cycle will open in September for an October 1st deadline. 


Current Student Information

Exercise Science Internship Guidelines, Information, and Application 

  • All information and application materials can be found at this site. 
  • The application process was updated on May 20th, 2019. 
  • If you had already applied for HP 496 and enrolled, you do not need to apply again. 
  • Deadline for Summer HP 496: May 1st - If you miss the May 1st deadline you will not be able to register for HP 496 for the summer.

    Deadline for Fall HP 496: Applications will be reviewed until May 1st. They will then be reviewed on August 1st and finally on August 29th. If you miss the May 1st deadline, you will not be able to register until it is reviewed in August. If you miss the August 29th deadline, you will not be able to register for HP 496 in the Fall.

Course Permissions - Who to Ask??!?!??!

If you cannot register for a course, look at the error you receive.

  • Upper-Level Permission - Your advisor
  • Pre-Requisite Permission - The instructor listed for the course
  • Early registration code - The department where you qualify for early registration (athletics, VA, etc.)
  • If you have less than 31 credits, you will need to attend a College Group Advising session to receive your registration code.

To add or remove and minor: 

  • Sports Medicine - Your advisor
  • Coaching -Your advisor
  • Psychology - The Psychology Department

Graduation !!!!!

You need to apply for graduation at the beginning of your last year of classes.
Registering to walk at commencement is a separate process than applying for graduation. Make sure you complete both.
You can appeal to walk at commencement even if you have a few credits left to fulfill.
All of the information and applications are located on the Graduation Services website. 

Exercise Science Faculty (2018-2019)

Jessica Albers, PhD
Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator
Office: HCN 173; Phone: (507) 389-6715

Corey Selland, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: HCN 173; Phone: (507) 389-6715

Jeremy Frost, PhD
Assistant Professor, Lab Coordinator 
Office HC 1300A; Phone (507)389- 2679

Amy Brugge, EdD, LAT, CHDA
Assistant Professor
Office HN 180; Phone (507)389-1917

Mary F. Visser, PhD
Professor and FA President 
Office: HCN 181; Phone: (507) 389-2672