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Admission Requirements for the Sport Management Program

Admission to the Sport Management major includes 2 steps: 1) Meeting the admission criteria, 2) Applying to the major.

All students are allowed to register for 100-200 level classes, but permission is needed to register for 300-400 level classes. In order to obtain this permission you must meet the criteria below and follow the admission procedures outlined in the middle of the page.

Criteria Considered for Admission to the Sport Management Program

  1. Completion of at least 30 semester credits.
  2. Minimum career grade point average (GPA) of a 2.7 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Minimum grade of a C in all required prerequisite and support courses. 
    • Please note: Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the major.
  4. The following courses must be completed when applying:
    • CMST 102 Public Speaking (3 credits) or CMST 100 Fundamentals of Communication (3 credits)
    • ECON 201: Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits) or ECON 202: Principles of Microeconomics (3 credits)
    • ENG 101: English Composition (4 credits)
    • HP 141: Introduction to Sport Management (2 credits)
    • MATH 112: College Algebra (4 credits)
    • PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology (4 credits)
    • SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)

Admission is based on rank order of cumulative GPA and GPA in the seven courses listed above. Students may apply for admission if they are currently enrolled in the prerequisite course(s), but if all seven courses are not complete when a student applies, students farther along in their academic career will have priority. In the past two admission periods, the pre-sport management GPA varied between 2.95 and 4.0.

Admission deadlines: Fall and spring semester admission deadlines are October 1 and March 1 respectively.


Admission Procedure For Transfer Students


  1. You must first apply to Minnesota State University, Mankato. For information on applying to the university please contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-722-0544 (ext. 1). You can also apply online at You must be a current student at MSU in order to be considered for the program.
  2. If you are a transfer student you will need to contact all post-secondary institutions attended and request that official transcripts are sent to Minnesota State University, Mankato Office of Admissions. Once they have a completed application from you they will forward these to the Office of the Registrar where they will be evaluated. After they have finished this process you will have access to your Degree Audit Report Form (DARS) which will show the classes that fulfill our required prerequisite courses and which ones you still need to complete. You will need this information to register for those prerequisite courses and to apply to for admission into the sport management programs and our upper level courses. Note: The transfer evaluation process can take 4-6 weeks to complete. Please request transcripts be sent earlier in order to allow sufficient time to complete this step.
  3. Follow the next steps outlined below.


Admission Procedure For MSU Students

  1. If you meet all requirements above you may apply to Sport Management major in the Department of Human Performance by filling out the following online application and submitting a copy of one's transcript. The transcript much be uploaded to the link above. 
  2. Each applicant must submit a properly completed application by October 1 for spring semester admission or by March 1 for fall semester admission. 
  3. Each student is responsible for reading all instructions on the application carefully and including all the required information at the time the application is submitted or the application will not be given consideration for admission. 
  • Transfer Students: must submit a Degree Audit Report Form (DARS) instead of a transcript when uploading a transcript in the online application. Please see number two listed above for more information. Do not send transcripts to the Department of Human Performance.