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There are many steps in conducing a successful work search. In today's competitive job market, you need every edge to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Creating a portfolio is one of the ways that you can really distinguish yourself from other job applicants. The idea of using a portfolio to promote yourself to potential employers is fairly new for most of us, although it's an idea that people in creative fields (such as photographers, graphic designers, and actors) have used for many years.

Most people go into a job interview and just describe what they have done or can do. A portfolio can be beneficial for an interview, but now you can leave a lasting impression on your potential employers by creating an efolio (an online portfolio) that they can refer back to it and see all the tangible evidence of your skills and achievements. A picture really is worth a thousand words. It will motivate employers to consider hiring you over someone who has nothing to show for their skills and achievements.


What Exactly is an Efolio?

An efolio is an online showcase for your professional experiences and skills, which can be used to show samples of your work, competencies, responsibilities, writing samples, certificates, and accomplishments. People often include samples of professional emails or letters they have written, press releases, schedules they created, blank invoices they worked with or samples of a financial deposit they made, fliers or reports you designed, meeting minuets, articles written about projects you were involved in, etc. Any document or written summary of a skill, responsibility, or activity you were involved in that demonstrates your experiences and skills should be included. You should NOT include any confidential information to the company, but rather general information that illustrates your experiences.

Sample Efolio:

How will your Efolio be evaluated?

Your Efolio will be evaluated by your university internship supervisor using the [PDF] rubric (68 KiB) ([PDF] Rubric for Gradaute students (69 KiB)).  You must provide enough documents and materials to meet the requirements.

How to Create an Efolio

Signing up

  • Visit
  • Sign up using the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page
    • Go through each step and complete what is needed
  • Once signed up, to login visit the home page and on the left hand side of page select login

Designing Website

  • Top navigation bar choose 'Designs'
  • Left side navigation bar choose 'design group' in drop down menu
  • Choose 'layout' and click 'apply'

Building the Efolio

  • Top navigation bar choose 'Build"
  • Left side navigation bar choose 'To Do'
  • Click on STEP 1 and choose 'Complete'
    • Follow this step until all steps you want to complete are finished
    • If you are uploading a file be sure to save it as a PDF file or publish the file to a PDF file

 To Edit Built Content

  • Left hand side column choose 'My Content'
  • Double click on what you want to edit and choose 'Edit'
  • Once finished editing content, choose 'Save' at the bottom of the page

To Add New Page Under Home Page

  • Right hand side of page click on 'Home'
  • Choose 'Add' (+)
  • Type in the title of the page
  • Name the URL Short Cut to same name
    • Be sure to use no spaces and no symbols in the URL title
      • Example: Course Work would be the title and the URL could be Coursework

Adding New Content

  • Left hand side of page choose 'New Content'
  • Choose more to view all choices
  • Click on what content you want to add and choose 'Create'
  • Click on 'Save' after filling in the blanks you choose

To Add Created Content to Page (Efolio)

  • Left hand side of the page choose 'My Content'
  • Click drop down arrow to view content
  • Drag content into page you want content to go into
    • i.e. Employment content could be in the work experience tab

 After Your Efolio Has Been Created

  • Be sure to make your efolio a public website so others can view your efolio.
  • You can do this by looking on the upper right hand corner of the page where this a drop down menu that currently says "Private." Choose the "Public" option to make your efolio a public website.

Need Extra Help?

  • Visit and use their resources tab for help to finding a job or what to include on your efolio