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Physical Education

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Physical Education Master's Program 

Enhance your effectiveness as a licensed physical education instructor and advance your career with the master's program at Minnesota State Mankato. Our project-based curriculum allows you to take the knowledge gained in your master's classes to enhance the physical literacy of your students. Students complete the required core courses and select one of two emphases: Pedagogy or Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE). The Pedagogy emphasis enhances pedagogical knowledge and teaching skills; the DAPE emphasis prepares teachers to better meet the needs of diverse learners and leads to teacher licensure in DAPE.



Physical Education Common Core and Pedagogy emphasis are 100% online.  

Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) emphasis 4 of the 6 courses are online. 

Access the program courses on the [PDF] MA Physical Education Scope & Sequence document (30 KiB).

Descriptions of courses listed below are available on the Graduate Bulletins page.


Required Common Core (15 credits)

HP 610 - Statistical Methods (3) or substitution: KSP 675 - Using Data to Improve Student Learning (3)

HP 630 - Techniques of Research (3) or substitution: KSP 609 - Research Methods (3)

HP 620 - Typical/Atypical Motor Development (3)

HP 623 - Current Issues in Physical Education/Developmental Adapted Physical Education (3)

HP 647 - Fitness Education (3)


Pedagogy Emphasis (17-18 credits)

HP 608 - Curriculum Design in Physical Education (3)

HP 617 - Models and Instructional Strategies in Physical Education (3)

HP 627 - Systematic Observation in Physical Education (3)

HP 658 - Authentic Assessment in Physical Education (3)

HP 668 -  Applications in Physical Education (3)

Any graduate elective {meet with advisor to determine} (2-3)

Pedagogy Emphasis: Required Capstone Experience 

Choose one of the following:

HP 694 - Alternate Plan Paper (2)

HP 696 - Manuscript (3)

HP 698 - Internship (2-4)

HP 699 - Thesis (3-4)

Total Number of Credits by Capstone Option

HP 694 - Alternative Plan Paper: 34-35 credits

HP 696 - Manuscript: 35-36 credits

HP 698 - Internship: 34-35 credits

HP 699 - Thesis: 35-36 credits


Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) Emphasis (18 credits)

HP 511 - Developmental Adapted Physical Education (3)

HP 512 - Assessment in Adapted Physical Education (3) {summer only, on campus}

HP 523 - Teaching Strategies in Secondary DAPE (3) {summer only, on campus}

HP 545 - Teaching Students with Cognitive/Emotional Behavior Disorders (3)

HP 571 - Consulting Techniques in DAPE (3)

SPED 605 - Intro to Psy/Ed Except Child (3)

DAPE Required Capstone Experience: HP 698 Internship in DAPE (2)

Total Number of Credits by Capstone Option: Internship: 35 credits


For further information, contact:

Dr. Sue Tarr, DAPE Coordinator

Dr. Ben Schwamberger, Pedagogy Coordinator