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Applying to the Traditional BS Dental Hygiene Program

ALERT:  DHYG 223 won't be offered Spring 2020 so plan accordingly!

Applications are due January 15th, 2020.  We accept 24 students who will start the following fall. 

All application items must be submitted in order to be an accepted applicant; see application below for details.

Instructions for applying to the MSU Traditional BS Dental Hygiene Program:

  1. The applicaitons for 2020 is not yet available.  
  2. Deliver to the MSU Dental Hygiene Department - January 15, 2020. 
    • Personally to department office
    • Send the completed application to:
      Dental Hygiene Department
      Minnesota State University, Mankato
      Laura Cardwell, Application Committee
      120 Clinical Sciences Building
      Mankato, MN 56001

An e-mail confirming receipt of your application will be sent to you as soon as your application is received.  If two weeks have passed and you still have not received e-mail confirmation of receipt of your application, call Laura Caldwell at 507-389-1313 to verify your application was received.

Information on Your Degree Audit

DARS is an acronym for Degree Audit Reporting System.

  • It is a computer program that produces advising information illustrating an undergraduate student's progress in fulfilling the graduation requirements of their chosen degree program.
  • DARS also converts transfer work from another institutions into Minnesota State University, Mankato courses and places them onto the audit.
  • DARS uses a student's degree program information (degree, major, minor, catalog year) on file in the student records system, to create a "template" of that program. Then all of a student's courses are placed into the template to produce a document called an audit. The audit shows which requirements are completed and which are left to be done. It can be used by students and advisors to monitor a student's progress towards graduation.

Accessing your DARS or degree audit report

  1. Go to the E–services page.
  2. Enter your STAR ID and STAR ID Password to login.
  3. Click on "Academic Records"
  4. Click on "Degree Audit Report"
  5. Click on the dental hygiene degree listed.
  6. Click on "Printer Friendly".
  7. Print
    • You can select "save as PDF" from the print menu (lower left corner)