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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Why Online?

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  • Online courses offer great flexibility for those working part-time or full-time and who have busy lives.  It is maybe the only option for those who do not live near an institution offering this degree.
  • You are able to work on assignment when you have time and you don't waste time and money traveling to campus. 

I Have Never Taken An Online Class.  What Should I Expect?

MSU currently uses Desire2Learn as the online platform for courses. University Extended Education provides great resources for students to use to prepare for online learning including a demonstration course in D2L. Technology requirements and skill requirements are also listed at this valuable website. It is highly recommended that all students interested in taking online courses at MSU review this website before starting class work.

  • Courses in our program are asynchronous, which means you don't need to be online at a specific time.    
  • Students will gain knowledge through introductions by the professor, reading materials, online resources, and discussion with peers.
  • Some courses have tests or quizzes; these are open book and typically timed.  Other assignment options include papers and online discussions.  
  • The classes encourage all students to utilize evidence based decision making and apply knowledge gained directly into clinical practice.

Are Any Visits to Campus Required Throughout the Program?

  • No campus visits are required in the program
    • Orientation is completed online too.
  • Certain courses have outside assignments to be completed during the week; if you work full-time, you may need to take off time from work. 
    • Information on these assignments is provided within the course syllabus.

How Can I Complete My General Education Requirements Online?

  • MSU, Mankato offers some general education coursework online; contact Julie Dittrich if you would like this list.
  • Students can search for online courses using the following information on the Tips for Course Search page.
  • MN Online is another avenue for students to identify online courses from other Minnesota State schools.
  • When selecting general education coursework at other institutions, it is recommended to work with extended educaiton or Julie Dittrich.
    • You can also visit the Transferology Website to see how courses from other institutions  transfer to MSU-Mankato:

If you are completing a course from another institution, and need financial aid for this course, please contact the Campus Hub with the institution name and course number/title, including number of credits. They will help you determine if you need a Common Market Passport or a Consortium Agreement.  This process will be completed in conjunction with the MSU Registrar's Office and can take anywhere from 2–5 weeks.  Students may need to be registered and pay for the course before the agreement can be complete, and will later be reimbursed through financial aid's normal distribution process.