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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Register for Classes

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How Do I Register for Classes?

  • You will need your MSU Star ID and password.
  • To register go to the E–services website.
  • Once you are logged into the registration system, you have access to search for open sections, add a class, view your class schedule and registration windows and check any holds under the Registration tab.
    • Do an advanced search to search for courses in a particular goal area
    • If you register for classes through the Search for Open Sections feature, you do not need to know the 6 digit course ID number.
    • If you register for classes through the Quick Add feature, you will need to find the 6 digit course ID number available through the Course Listings page.

The Student tab allows you to check your final grades, print or view your academic record, and review your financial aid/account.

I Have Tried to Register for Classes, but There is A Hold On My Account. What Should I Do?

There are two common holds that students have on their account.

The first hold is for transfer students related to MSU orientation.

  • All Transfer students will receive an invitation to the University orientation, as part of the normal introduction to life at MSU.
    • Because you are a part of an online program, you will complete the online orientation program..  
    • Basically, it's a website where students learn about the resources they will need as an online or off–campus student, followed by a short quiz.
      • I personally recommend printing the quiz and then moving through the website to discover the answers.
  • After completion of the quiz, an email is sent to the Office of First Year Experience and the hold will be lifted. The link to this site is There is a small fee to complete this orientation.

The second common hold is for any transfer student or previous MSU student who has not taken upper division classes.

  • This hold relates to an undeclared major and/or program required (inability to register for upper division courses). To have this hold removed, please email, Julie Dittrich, at
    • Include your name, MSU Tech ID, and explain the situation.
  • If you have any other holds on your account, contact the Campus Hub at (507) 389-1866 or Toll Free at 1-800-722-0544. Questions can also be emailed to

How Do I Order Textbooks for the Class?

Some classes, such as DHYG 442 Current Issues in Dental Hygiene, will not have a textbook but will instead have links to journal articles and other reading material that you will be required to read.  Required textbooks can be found through the University Bookstore website or by calling the bookstore directly at: 507-389-1649.

  • First time users need to register online.
  • While used books can be requested online, they may or may not be available. A charge for the books occurs once they are mailed.
  • Shipping and Handling will be added.
  • Books can be purchased in person at the MSU bookstore to avoid shipping and handling charges.
  • A credit card is needed to purchase online.

How Do I Access my Online Courses?

Online courses are administered through D2L Brightspace, which is a learning management system. 

  • Extended Learning provides great resources for students to prepare for online learning, including a demonstration course:
    • Technology requirments and skill requirements are also listed at this website. 
    • It is highly recommended that al students interested in taking online courses at MSU review this website before starting class work.
  • You will log into D2L Brightspace to access online courses:
    • You need your StarID and StarID password to access this site.
    • You typically won't be able to access courses until the first scheduled day of class.