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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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How Do I Apply for Graduation?

In order to receive your BS degree, you must apply for graduation.

Here is the link for graduation information:

When should I apply for graduation?

Students are asked to apply for graduation one year in advance of their proposed graduation date.

  • Be sure to write on your application for graduation that you are seeking the Dental Hygiene BS Degree Major Code DNOL

[PDF] Sample Graduation Application (151 KiB)

Applications for Graduation are due no later than two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the last day of a given term. Applications received after the deadline will not be evaluated for that term and will be moved to the next term.

The Graduation Department processes applications in the order these are received to assure that all requirements and general University policies are met. When these items are met, degrees are placed onto a student's record.

The most common policies/requirements affecting graduation with a four year degree are:

  • A minimum of 120 semester credits are required.
  • 30 of a student's last 64 semester credits must be from MSU.
  • To obtain honors, at least 40 semester credits must be from MSU by the term before graduation.
  • The graduation requirements used must be from one of the last seven years.
  • General education requirements must be met.
  • Major/minor requirements must be met.

Some important items which will make the graduation process go smoothly are:

  • Make sure any transfer work has been sent to MSU.
  • If you have already applied for graduation and now wish to make some changes, do not fill out a brand new application—simply fill out a [PDF] revision form. (91 KiB)

Questions concerning caps and gowns should be directed to the Barnes and Noble bookstore on campus (room: SU 18, phone: 389-1649)

Questions concerning graduation ceremonies should be directed to the MSU Commencement Office (room: AF 217, phone: 389-1798)

Questions concerning undergraduate graduation should be directed to the Graduation Department (room: WA 132, phone: 389-6266, 1-800-722-0544)