Student Practical Assessment Teaching Aid (SPATA)

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This is an academic tool created for the use of athletic training students at Minnesota State University. All text is taken verbatim or near verbatim from the referenced material, as to minimize the confusion with respect to resources used by the students. In addition, Student Practical Assessment Teaching Aid (SPATA) is being continuously updated to provide the most accurate information available. If links are broken we extend our apologies; however, they should be fixed quickly. Please refer to the abstract for additional information about SPATA.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please watch this site for MANY updates and corrections coming very soon!  


Foot/Ankle/Low Leg Module

Knee Module

Thigh/Hip Module

Low Back/Spine Module

Shoulder Module

Elbow Module

Wrist/Hand Fingers Module

Neurovascular Exam Module

Gait Assessment Module

Cervical Spine Module

Therapeutic Modalities (Updated 5-9-13)

Interferential Current (IFC)

Direct Current (Monophasic)

Direct Current (Monophasic) for Acute Injury

Direct Current (Monophasic) for Chronic Injury

Alternating Current ((Russian)

Alternating Current (Russian) for Muscle Atrophy Prevention

Alternating Current (Russian) for Muscle Re-Education

Cervical Traction

Intermittent Compression


Therapeutic (Cold) LASER

Shortwave Diathermy


Abdominal and Thoracic Assessment

Please note that the abdominal and thoracic assessment video is the result of a senior student project for which Ms. Tia Nowacki, ATC won the NATA Multimedia contest.

Cardiac, Lung, and Bowel Asucultations

Please note that the auscultation video was produced by Ms. Laura Mount, ATC.  Ms. Mount completed this project as a result of her participation in an internship in college teaching course.