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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Tuition & Fees

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Graduate tuition rates

Tuition is $380.50 per credit (44 credits for the program at $380.50 is a total tuition of $16,742 for the program).

Student Fees are $37.69 per credit to 12 credits, and $453.60 total for 12 credits and above.

General cost of attendance for graduate programs may be located here.

Additional program fees

There will be additional program lab fees ($225 for the entire program as attached to the following courses: HP 607, 584, 585, 621, 639, 684, 685), student liability insurance ($10/year fee paid each fall semester HP 584 for year one and HP 684 for year two in the program), criminal (FBI) background check ($16 or 36.00/one time depending on MN residency or out-of-state residency), travel to some off-campus clinical sites will also be necessary and course materials (e.g. books, some medical instruments). For more information about additional fees, contact Patrick Sexton at