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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

MAV PLANS: Sample Graduation Plans by Major

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2018-2019 MavPlans

These MavPlans are based on 2018-2019 College Catalog Requirements. This document is only to be used as an advising tool to help with planning graduation in an appropriate timeline. Please refer to your college catalog for most accurate information regarding requirements for general education, graduation, and your degree. Always consult with your advisor.


  1. [PDF] MavPlan Blank Template (247 KiB)
  2. [PDF] Alcohol and Drug Studies (257 KiB)
  3. [PDF] Communication Disorders B.S. Plan A (364 KiB)
  4. [PDF] Communication Disorders B.S. Plan B (416 KiB)
  5. [PDF] Communication Disorders B.A. Plan A (370 KiB)
  6. [PDF] Communication Disorders B.A. Plan B (399 KiB)
  7. [PDF] Community Health Education (279 KiB)
  8. [PDF] Dental Hygiene (272 KiB)
  9. [PDF] Exercise Science-General Track (353 KiB)
  10. [PDF] Exercise Science-General Track: Pre-Athletic Training (296 KiB)
  11. [PDF] Exercise Science-Pre-Physical Therapy Track (371 KiB)
  12. [PDF] Family Consumer Science: Child Development & Family Studies (329 KiB)
  13. [PDF] Family Consumer Science: Dietetics (266 KiB)
  14. [PDF] Family Consumer Science: Foods & Nutrition (328 KiB)
  15. [PDF] Family Consumer Science Education (317 KiB)
  16. [PDF] Health and Physical Education (290 KiB)
  17. [PDF] School Health Education (341 KiB)
  18. [PDF] Sport Management (296 KiB)
  19. [PDF] Sport Management with Marketing Minor (411 KiB)