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Frequently Asked Questions

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College of Allied Health and Nursing Advising: Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in the health field, but haven't decided on a major. Who should I see for help?

The College Advising Office provides pre–major advisement, including general information on majors offered within the College, referrals to University resources to clarify career goals, and other related resources. You may call for an appointment at 507-389-6315 or email or .

When and how do I declare my major?

You are encouraged to declare your major as soon as you've decided which major you wish to pursue. In the College of Allied Health and Nursing, nursing majors are declared in the School of Nursing (360 Wissink Hall).  For other majors in the College, go to College Advising Office (Myers Field House 124) first. If you are within your first year of study, you will work with advisors in the College Advising Center until you are ready to apply to your major.  If you have met the criteria to apply and be accepted into your major, you will be assigned an advisor within the department. Remember that declaring a major is not the same as being admitted into a major (read on!)

When and how am I admitted into my major?

Each program has specific requirements for admission to the major. Many have formal application processes, GPA, pre–requisite courses, and credit requirements. Consult the Undergraduate Catalog, department webpage, and information provided within each department for more details. It is very important to work closely with your advisor to prepare for timely admission to your chosen major.

I don't know who my advisor is, how do I find out?

To determine who your advisor is, go to the MSU Website, and under Current Students, select  E–Services. Once you are there, enter your Star ID and password. You will then be taken to your student account. Select "Courses and Registration" from the left column, and then click on "View/Modify Class Schedule." Your advisor's name will appear at the top of your schedule. If you do not have an advisor assigned, contact the department of your major to request one. If you have difficulties or concerns, contact Shirley Murray (, 507-389-6315 in Myers Field House 124.

What do I do if I get placed on academic warning or probation?

Academic warning occurs if your cumulative local GPA drops below 2.0 or your cumulative completion rate drops below 67%. You should receive email notification from the Academic Affairs and the College Advising Center's office if this occurs, and you should also monitor your progress closely each time you receive your grade reports. The first step in addressing academic warning or probation is to make an appointment with the College Advising, 507-389-6315 or the Nursing Advisor, Kasi Johnson, at 507-389-6022. They will help you assess your needs and options, and guide you through the academic warning/probation advising process. Be aware that a hold will be placed on your record until you successfully complete this process.

How do I get permission to take an overload of credits?

The Undergraduate Credit Hour Overload Request Form may be obtained from the Registration Help Center (1st Floor of Wigley Administration Building) or it may be downloaded from the Forms page at This form must be completed, signed by your faculty advisor, chairperson (and Dean if your request is over 21 credits) and then submitted to Shirley Murray's office (MF 124) for final entry into the system.

How do I enroll in an upper division (3/400 level) course if I haven't been admitted into a major?

Enrollment in upper division courses without admission to a major requires permission from the respective department chairperson. This permission is temporary, and only applies to the term it is granted.

I'm a transfer student. How do I find out how my credits will fit into the requirements at MSU and those of my major?

General transfer evaluations are done by the Office of the Registrar for each transfer student. This general transfer audit will indicate how your credits fulfill the General Education requirements at MSU. Transfer courses that may be related to your major must be evaluated within the department to detemine if course substitutions or waivers will be allowed. Be sure to provide this information for review to your advisor, department chair or designee far in advance of registration, so you know your standing within the major. Check with the department for their specific process and timelines.

How do I find out about Scholarships that I might qualify for in the College?

Each department will publicize the various scholarships available to students in their respective majors. In addition, there are college–wide scholarships that are advertised each spring through the Dean's office. Also, check with the Office of Financial Aid about other scholarships and financial assistance programs. There is a web page that lists all scholarships, both University–wide and within departments and programs. The web address for this informaiton is